Commercial 5.0m Telescopic Parasol


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This superb commercial grade parasol features a 10 spar design giving it a 5m diameter span. The canopy is manufactured from a 350g/m2 acrylic in natural on a supporting framework made of 17x34mm spars. The 3.6m Iroko hardwood central pole is 57mm in diameter to support this heavy duty commercial parasol. The parasol features a telescopic design allowing for easy and functional opening and closing over tables and chairs.

Diameter 5000mm
Iroko Pole 3600mmx57mm
350g/m2 Acrylic Canopy
10 spars, 17x34mm Telescopic Function
Weight - 26kg
Fully varnished Iroko Wood Frame.
Brass finishing on all fixings.
Supplied with wind cap